Tablet Holder

Cosy Holder will accept most sizes of tablets.

Great for Travelling

The ideal companion when travelling


With the built-in pouch with protective padding, your tablet is kept safe when not in use.

Cosy by name...

Cosy by nature, they make a great travel pillow too!

Tablet and eReader Holder - 'Bailey' & 'Frankie'

iPad and tablet holder on floor

Use at home...

Whether sat at a desk or lying on the floor, 'Frankie' or 'Bailey' are great at holding your iPad or Tablet.

While travelling...

Make those journeys just a little bit more comfortable for all, kids can rest their iPads or Tablets on the holder and enjoy the journey even more!

Showing bag element of iPad and tablet holder

A helpful friend...

When your child is on the move, they can store their accessories or even device (up to 245mm) in the convenient rear pouch with protective padding and use the supplied strap to carry 'Frankie' or 'Bailey' with them.

iPad and tablet holder being used as a pillow whilst travelling

Comfy too!

Even if your child is not using 'Frankie' or 'Bailey' as a holder, they can be used as a travel pillow, great for those longer journeys by train, car or even plane.